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Home Inspection Services Offered

At SPS Inspections, we offer a plethora of standard and ancillary home inspection services to fit your needs.

Residential Inspections

Communicating effectively with our clients and understanding their position within the real estate transaction as well as their needs as a future homeowner, allows our home inspectors to provide customized inspections and reports tailored to exactly what you need to know as a home buyer.

Manufactured Home Foundation Certification

For anyone refinancing a manufactured home or taking out any kind of funding, VA loans, or FHA loans for example, for a manufactured home, you will need to have a site inspection for professional engineering certifications of the permanent foundation systems to ensure the foundation meets FHA guidelines and building code.

Mold Inspection and Testing

If you believe your home may contain mold and/or are worried about a specific area in your home, give yourself some peace of mind and hire SPS Inspections to collect a sample or samples of the affected areas of the house.

3-Phase and New Construction

In terms of value to the client, the cost of a new construction home inspection pales in comparison to that feeling of dread when you start finding problems with your new home after you move in after not having it inspected. New Construction homes are just as likely to have deficiencies as other homes that were built at some time in the past.

Environmental Hazards Inspections

If you are concerned lead may be present in the paint of your home, or worried asbestos-containing materials were used to build your home, or if you think your water could be contaminated, we are here to help. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you believe you or your family to be at risk of exposure to one of these environmental hazards.

Drone Inspection

Get full 360-degree views from above your house and property with SPS Inspections! Having certified and become licensed to provide commercial drone services by the FAA, Jarrett Ferris of SPS Inspections provides the option of including high-quality drone captured photo and video to enhance your home inspection report, or satisfy your aerial photography needs!

A Message From SPS Inspections

Hear from the owner and lead inspector, Certified Professional Home Inspector Jarrett Ferris, about hiring a home inspector and why SPS Inspections is different from any other inspection company. Whether you are purchasing a home or selling a home, you do yourself a favor when you hire SPS Inspections for your visual inspection needs.







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What people say about us

At SPS Inspections, we still hold a 5-star rating on Google Business, but what do customers really have to say about us?

SPS Inspections Home And Property Inspections -

Tiahna Childers
“SPS Inspections was wonderfully helpful in inspecting our new home for purchase. Jarrett was quick to fit us in and even worked around our schedule. His inspection was thorough and easy for us to understand. We haven’t found any issues with our home since moving in last July. We would recommend SPS Inspections to anyone!”
SPS Inspections Home And Property Inspections -

Jessica Sloan
“SPS is amazing! So professional and very informative. Jarrett makes sure you fully understand everything he found and answers all of your questions.”
SPS Inspections Home And Property Inspections -

Michael Braun
“I am a first time home buyer who was referred to Jarrett at SPS Inspections by our real estate agent that used their services. I was on site for the entire inspection and was impressed with Jarrett. His report was extensive and thorough. He inspected our house carefully and helped make us confident in our first home purchase.”

SPS Inspections Frequently Asked Questions

Are All of SPS Inspections’ Home Inspectors Certified and Insured


When you hire SPS Inspections to perform your home inspection services, have some peace of mind knowing that any home inspection is performed by an InterNACHI certified professional home inspector. The American Society of Home Inspectors is another national home inspection certifying organization in the home inspection industry, but certifying with more than one organization is not needed, and we truly believe InterNACHI to provide superior support and services to their member inspectors!

Does SPS Inspections Offer Pest Inspection Services

At this time, SPS Inspections does not carry a pest inspection license and as such we are unable to make observations or perform any visual examinations specifically for termites, nor are we able to identify termites or any other specific type of pest in the written report.

We can, however, speak generally to “wood destroying organisms” when pest-related damage is found in the home. With this information, depending on the current condition of the home and the affected structural components, you can have a pest professional come out to perform repairs to the damage and remediate any remaining infestation.

Are You Licensed to Perform Home Inspections in Washington


At SPS Inspections, all of our professional home inspection services are performed by a licensed home inspector. In Washington State, all inspection companies or certified home inspectors are required to be licensed to perform a professional home inspection in the state of Washington.

What is Included in a Residential Home Inspection With SPS Inspections

The systems or components of the home that are inspected by us during any given inspection depend largely on the types of homes that are being inspected, as well as the condition of the property.

For example, if the physical structure of the roof at the time of the inspection seems to suffer from safety issues, then chances are the roof will be inspected either from a ladder or from the ground rather than having the inspector walk the roof if it is in an unsafe condition.

How Long Before the Inspection Report is Completed

The time it takes to finish an inspection report is also largely dependent on the type of home being inspected. A smaller home will likely take less time than a larger home, and a house with more defects and problems is likely to take longer than one without as many defects or issues.

How comprehensive the inspector also plays a part in determining the time it takes to finish the inspection report – Does your inspector examine every element of the electrical system, or only a majority, etc.

With SPS Inspections, your home inspection report will be done and delivered within 48 hours from the inspection. If there is any reason you need to get the report sooner, please just let us know and we will always do what we can to work with our clients.

Do you Work With First-Time Home Buyers


Whether you have bought a hundred houses or are a first time home buyer, we will work with you to make sure you get the home inspection services you need – even your real estate agent will love us! Home loans or cash purchase, it doesn’t matter to us how you are buying the home either, so give us a call today to schedule your next home inspection with SPS Inspections!

Are Septic Tanks Required to be Inspected

Yes, residential septic tanks are required to be inspected at certain times. Essentially, there are just two instances in which the state or local public health authority requires a septic tank inspection.

The first instance is every one to three years, but no more than every three years to have your septic tank professionally inspected.

The second is anytime a property changes hands, i.e. anytime a house with a septic tank is purchased or sold, it is required to have that septic tank inspected by a licensed and certified professional.

At this time, SPS Inspections does not perform inspections on septic systems, nor do we offer any other ancillary septic services for homeowners, buyers, sellers, or otherwise. If we do start offering septic tank inspection services, we will update our services as soon as possible, so make sure to check back if you are in need of septic services!

Do you Offer Radon Testing and Inspection Services

Radon is an invisible gas that is harmful to people and enters a home through its basement or crawl spaces.

For now, SPS Inspections does not offer radon testing or radon inspection services. This is possibly something we will offer in the future, but not right now.

If you believe radon to currently be a problem in your home, we have an excellent article with information and tips on choosing from the various radon mitigation systems available and the remediation of radon from your home.

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