At SPS Inspections, as well as safety comprising the priority on any job, the number one goal of all inspections we perform is to establish an amicable and open line of communication with the client to create a clear and practical understanding of what the needs of each party are. In effect, this open line of communication is one of the tools employed by SPS Inspections to enable us to meet the needs of our clients best.

Secondly, SPS Inspections will only ever operate in such a capacity to provide every one of our clients with the maximum possible value when it comes to performing YOUR home inspection. Home inspections can be terrifying, especially for first time home buyers. When you choose SPS for your inspection needs, you can feel comfortable knowing that one of our professionals will be with you every step of the way to explain the inspection process, while likewise making sure the home is at a high enough standard to be safe for you and your family. As a result of these efforts, we want to be undeniably sure our clients have AS MUCH OF the information about the home as is possible. Above all, SPS Inspections is here to stay! Moreover, we plan on providing the great communities around South Puget Sound with the absolute maximum amount of value as is possible. Particularly within the realm of residential single-family home inspection services!

Keep your family safe for years to come in your new home by allowing SPS Inspections to assess the homes potential safety with a customized home inspection today!


Inspectors at SPS Inspections hold themselves to much higher educational standards than is required by the state. Often more than doubling bi-yearly continuing education requirements in the inspection industry.


Complete, Personalized Service

All inspection services with SPS Inspections are custom tailored to what you, the client, are looking for. This is accomplished through our Award Winning Customer Service. We take the time to actually Listen to all of our customers..


When you purchase a house Inspected by SPS Inspections, rest easy knowing we not only guarantee our work, but guarantee it to the point of offering the coveted InterNACHI "Home Buy Back Guarantee!"

Have the Home of Your Dreams Inspected by Olympia's Premier Home Inspection Firm, SPS Inspections! 

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Keep your family safe for years to come in your new home by allowing SPS Inspections to assess the homes potential safety with a customized home inspection today...

Do I Need a Home Inspection?

For most people, when you think of a "home inspection," the first thing that typically comes to mind is property for sale, or someone is in the process of buying a home, right? If you had said yes to this, you would have been correct! This is not the whole story though; home inspections might be intrinsically linked to the purchase and sale of real property, but are not necessarily so.

Even in the realm of residential home inspecting, inspections do not stop with the purchase or sale of a home. Instead, there are ample opportunities and services which can be offered by your local Puget Sound home inspector.

SPS offers several services outside of working with home buyers and sellers. A selection of these services includes but is not limited to pool and spa inspections, roof warranty inspections, annual home inspections, and new construction warranty inspections, to name a few.

If you think your home or one of its systems might need an inspection, or if you are worried about a particular component, give SPS Inspections a call at (360)-688-3069 ext 1 to speak with a licensed home inspector. SPS is always more than happy to talk to you in-person or over the phone about any issues you might have in your home. SPS will always give you our honest, professional opinion as to whether we believe an inspection would be pertinent at that time, and will never charge for this advice.

Updated sample inspection report from sps inspections

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection or single-family residential inspection is a non-invasive, visual assessment of the accessible locations of a house. This assessment is to be carried out for a charge and custom-tailored to identify issues within particular systems and components of a home.

The Standards of Practice observed and deemed material by the inspector determine which systems and components your inspector includes. The client and inspector may modify the range of services to perform before the work begins.

For SPS Inspections, providing our clients with the best quality Puget Sound home inspections is essential to our inspection process. We pride ourselves in providing client-focused, tailored inspections which stand above all Olympia home inspections!

SPS Inspections Olympia Washington, "Inspected Once, Inspected Right."

Just remember, by definition, a home inspection is a non-exhaustive and visual assessment; there will be areas and certain parts of systems or components that are entirely inaccessible. The reason this doesn't hurt the inspection business is that, when there is a malfunctioning or defective system we cannot reach or see, there will be signs and evidence which would suggest the issue was present.

SPS Inspections Home Inspection Standards of Practice

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

In terms of the pricing of a home inspection, there are a couple of different fee models used by most home inspectors:

  • Time - Some professional inspectors use a fee model based on time and charge clients exactly how it sounds; based on the amount of time it takes to complete their assessment of the property. This can be beneficial for some clients, but you need to be careful as a larger home can end up taking considerably longer for the inspector to go through than a smaller home. This can have the unfortunate consequence of increasing the home inspection cost to where you might not want it to be.
  • Size - Some licensed home inspectors charge their clients based on the size of the property to be inspected. All calculations are done using the total square feet of the home, multiplied by some base multiplier, say .175, for example. With this multiplier, a house with 3,000 square feet would cost the homeowner roughly $525.
  • Combination - The third and final fee model we will discuss would technically be considered to be a combination of the other home inspection fee schedules. Combination is also the method SPS Inspections uses when figuring how much to charge for home inspection services given a specific property. This particular method combines the age of the house with travel distance and size of the home. Each one of these three pieces of information has its multiplier, which is applied to the numbers accordingly. Once a total has been found for the particular property numbers calculated, this number is added to a base inspection service price to get the total cost of your home inspection services.

What SPS Inspections' Customers Have to Say:

SPS Inspections Review Jeremy N.

“I highly recommend using SPS Inspections...”

“Jarrett is an absolute professional and will go above and beyond for all of his customers. I've worked with him in the past and I highly recommend using SPS Inspections.

Jeremy N.

Washington State Licensed Home Inspector

SPS Inspections Review Scott O.

“Thorough and Detail Oriented..."

“They are thorough and detail oriented. Up to date on the latest codes and requirements.

Scott O.

Real Estate Investor and Consultant, Goat Locker Realty

How Do I Contact SPS Inspections to Speak With a Licensed Home Inspector?

To contact SPS Inspections, please ->

  • dial the company’s main business line at (360)-688-3069,
  • feel free to email us at Support@spsinspections.com and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible,
  • You can also reach the lead inspector by phone directly at (360)-688-3173,
  • find SPS Inspections on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more,

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

The price of a home inspection can at times vary widely between different inspectors and different inspection firms. Knowing what it’s going to cost to inspect your home can be a nightmare to think about much of the time. Now there is no more suspense or surprise when it comes to the cost of a home inspection, with SPS Inspections newly launched “Home Inspection Cost Calculator and Estimator!”

What Kinds of Protections or Guarantees Does SPS Inspections Offer it’s Clients?

SPS Inspections was founded on the foundation of community and the helping spirit. When we provide home inspection services, we do so because we love inspecting homes and with the intent to provide the most massive amount of value possible to our client and create win-win-win situations for everyone involved! If your still not convinced, check out SPS Inspections Home Inspection Guarantees Page.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

A “typical” comprehensive home inspection with SPS Inspections of Olympia takes an average of about three hours. Depending on the home being inspected, this number could be somewhat larger, but also smaller. Get an idea for just how Comprehensive our inspections are by looking over SPS Inspections’ Standards of Practice here, which identifies the bare minimum of what will be inspected by our home inspectors!

What Locations Does SPS Inspections Provide Home Inspection Services to?

SPS Inspections is located in Olympia, Washington, but we service an area with about a 50 mile radius around Olympia! Shelton, Longview, Centralia, Auburn, and Maple Valley are a few of the areas we provide home inspection services to. You can also check out our service area locations for home inspection services!

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