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  • Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #2352
  • President, SPS Inspections
  • InterNACHI Certified
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Weather and Safety Permitting, SPS Inspections Walks All Residential Rooftops While Performing a Comprehensive Residential Home Inspection.

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Jarrett Ferris of SPS Inspections Performing a Crawlspace Inspection

At SPS Inspections, we make the safety of you and your family our number one priority! Whether you plan on living in your new home for only one year, or ten; get the information you need to stay safe in your home when you hire SPS Inspections for your home inspection needs!

Inspections & Home Safety
Man shaking hands with real estate agent

Realtors, real estate brokers, real estate agents, and/or real estate professionals are licensed to help sellers sell, and buyers buy a house. They are usually licensed or certified to operate, negotiate, and set up sales under the guidance of a property broker. Arranging and setting up deals can mean showing a property, entering a property into the local MLS, completing purchase and sale agreements among others, negotiating contracts and purchase agreements, as well as many other duties for which real estate agents perform to help their clients.

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do To Assist In The Home Buying and Selling Process?
Real estate brokers pointed to signing agreement documents.

With both agents and brokers doing everything they can for their buyers and sellers when negotiating real estate transactions, such as when their client is buying a home. In order to do so, it is important for you to understand what kinds of items are deal-breakers for your clients, such as having any large appliances, like the water heater or the septic tank, needing major repairs. Fortunately, with the "Ultimate Real Estate Agents Home Inspection Checklist 2019" contained here, get a leg up on your competition by learning what you can do as a real estate agent to help your home inspector complete the best-written inspection report possible. Click the button below to view this inspection checklist, and make sure to contact SPS Inspections if you are ever in need of home inspection services in the Pacific Northwest!

The Ultimate Real Estate Agents Home Inspection Checklist 2019
SPS Inspections works with home buyers and sellers for FHA financing


Whether you are a home buyer or a homeowner, let SPS Inspections help you on your journey to getting approval for your FHA loan! We work with our clients before, during, and after the initial inspection to help you better understand how the inspection can positively assist you, and aid in the acceptance of your FHA loan request. Click the button below to learn more.

How Can SPS Inspections Help Me Get FHA Financing?
Home Inspection Services by SPS Inspections

When you are buying a house or selling one, get the peace of mind you deserve and make sure you or your real estate agent call SPS Inspections to schedule your home inspection services with the licensed and certified inspection professionals you want on your side and at your back! With our home warranty plans, you can feel safe knowing that your home inspection is backed by some of the industry's top home inspection guarantees! Whether it be air conditioning systems, tankless water heaters, a natural gas appliance or system, or an iffy crawl space, SPS Inspections' comprehensive residential inspections cover all the systems of the home! Don't let normal wear and tear of a property scare you away from a deal, get your home facts straight with SPS Inspections' comprehensive home inspection services - serving the greater Thurston County and surrounding areas. Call us today at 360-688-3069 ext. 1 to speak with a licensed Washington Home Inspector!

Service Type: Home Inspection

Price: 350.00 - 600.00

Currency: USD

SPS Inspections
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Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen
18:08 27 Nov 19
SPS Inspections are all about customer service. They do a thorough job of inspecting the property and then make it... easy to understand the results. Prompt, professional and easy to work with. They helped me a lot.read more
Jessica Sloan
Jessica Sloan
17:53 22 Nov 19
SPS is amazing! So professional and very informative. Jarrett makes sure you fully understand everything he found and... answers all of your questions.read more
robert girdner
robert girdner
17:09 22 Nov 19
I'm a real estate investor and having these guys on my team is awesome. Always ready to come out to help and share... their knowledge. Looking forward to the long term partnership. :)read more
Scott O'Shaughnessy
Scott O'Shaughnessy
00:59 21 Nov 19
Jarrett is a commencement professional who's knowledge of home inspections helped me in my business as a real estate... investor, bye keeping me out of several bad deals. You need him for your home or investment properties!read more
Lindsey Ferris
Lindsey Ferris
02:30 07 Oct 19
SPS inspections fit me in with only a one week notice - and the inspection was nearly a 2 hour drive away! He was... thorough, professional and the report and documentation was easy for me to digest and understand. His reports even have a scale of importance rating which made it really easy for me to get the issues prioritized and addressed with the seller. Highly recommend SPS Inspections and will use again.read more
01:43 25 Apr 19
Jarrett is an absolute professional and will go above and beyond for all of his customers. I've worked with him in the... past and I highly recommend using SPS Inspections.read more
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SPS Inspections home inspection category feature photo

Jarrett Ferris

SPS Inspections

About the Company

Are you buying a home? Are you selling a home? Are you taking part in a single-family residential real estate transaction? Then professional home inspection services from SPS Inspections of Olympia are just what you need! Let us inform you of the good condition of the home, or otherwise. Get the peace of mind our certified home inspectors provide real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage and loan officers, all home buyers, and everyone who is either selling or buying a house with our comprehensive home inspection report! All home inspection services in the real estate industry are performed by professional home inspectors who are certified members of any one of the several societies of home inspectors that exist (SPS Inspections is proud to be a Certified Professional Inspector/member of InterNACHI; the worlds largest home inspection certifying, training, licensing, and oversight organization). With SPS Inspections, all of our comprehensive residential, single-family home inspections include but are not limited to: windows and doors, air conditioning, HVAC, water heaters, crawlspaces/basements, roofs, electrical panels, and so much more! This includes all structures on the land, buildings not attached to the main home are an extra charge, though. Depending on what your state requires, if you are in the process of financing an FHA home loan on a manufactured property, SPS Inspections can help you with your manufactured home foundation certification that is required in the United States (get more information on this at). Call us now at 360-688-3069 to talk with a certified home inspector about your project, or contact us at any time to schedule your home inspection services!

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For home inspection pictures of SPS Inspections on the job and around the community, as well as videos made or curated by SPS Inspections for the benefit of those looking to purchase home inspection services as well as all real estate agents, home inspectors, homeowners, and anyone else interested in the real estate industry, click below to be taken to our media gallery!

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From the roof to the slab, sub panels, breaker boxes and everything inbetween! Get the information you need on the home inspection services you want simply by clicking here! Click the button below to be taken to SPS Inspections services page where you can get more information on the different services we offer from full comprehensive inspections, to water analysis, pool & spa inspections, mold testing and more!

Does My Home Inspector Need To Be Insured?

Maybe yes, maybe no. As with home inspection licensing requirements, what is necessary and what is optional is typically decided by the state you are buying a house in. For Washington State, it is not required that your home inspector be insured. Because possessing insurance is not a requirement of becoming a home inspector in Washington State, it becomes extremely important to ask a home inspector whether or not they are insured before you hire them. SPS Inspections and our licensed home inspectors all carry both General Liability and Errors & Omissions Insurance. This means you can rest easy with the peace of mind knowing your inspection is insured if, heaven forbid, something were to happen where a claim was necessary to be made to the insurance companies.

General Liability:

Errors & Omissions:

What Does SPS Inspections Do For It’s Real Estate Agents?

What All Is Included In A Home Inspection with SPS Inspections?

When you purchase home inspection services from SPS Inspections, you’re not just buying an inspection report, you are buying access to a full-service home inspection firm that is here for you 7 days a week. If you have any questions you would like answered, whether they be about your inspection report in particular, or about a home in general, SPS Inspections will always be more than happy to answer what we are able to! And if we don’t have the answer for you, someone will either point you in the right direction or let you know they are unable to answer but will locate a solution and inform you at a later date!

At SPS Inspections, we believe good communication lies at the heart of any success, and a breakdown or failure of communication can create problem after problem. This is why we employ customer service and HR manager with Bachelors Degrees and classical training in Psychology, Sociology, and Pre-Law Philosophy with a minor in ethics! This enables SPS Inspections to serve each client individually with their own custom-tailored inspection services designed to accomplish your goals while offering high-quality and cost-effective inspections. To make this all work like a well-oiled machine though, you as the client have to be willing to communicate what it is you are looking to accomplish with the inspection; what is the goal you hope to reach that this home inspection will help you get closer it? Are you simply buying a house, or are you buying a home for your family? Will you live in the home yourself, or will you be renting it out? The list goes on but the idea is the same; what do you want to accomplish by buying or selling this home?

Wow, that’s a lot already, and we haven’t even gotten started on the actual inspecting yet! For now, we will give you a brief overview of what the inspection entails, and you can find more information about having SPS Inspections inspect your home, here. A Comprehensive Residential Home Inspection with SPS Inspections includes all of the systems of the home, including but not limited to: Roof, Exterior, Basement/Foundation/Crawlspace & Structure, HVAC System, Plumbing, Electrical, Attic/Insulation/Ventilation, Windows and Doors, Interior, Bathrooms/Kitchen/Laundry Room, Chimney & Fireplace or Stove, Attached Garage (detached garages and buildings are a separate and extra charge). Your inspector will also provide you with your own copy of SPS Inspections’ Home Improvement & Maintenance Guide and Reference Manual, some pieces of information about the different services we offer at SPS Inspections, and a couple of gifts from your inspector!

What Are 5 Home Inspection Mistakes Buyers And Sellers Make?

A home inspection is a visual and non-exhaustive evaluation of a home’s condition and potential safety issues. Home inspectors not only identify problems within the various systems of the home; they can give buyers valuable information that will help them with the maintenance and upkeep of the house as time moves forward. If you’re planning on getting, or need a home inspection, here are five mistakes home buyers, and home sellers make that you should avoid when buying a home or selling a house.

  1. Not Doing Your Due Diligence On The House Inspector
  2. Not Preparing The Home To Be Inspected
  3. Not Getting A Pre-Sale Inspection (AKA Move-In Certified Inspection)
  4. Not Reading The Inspection Report To Completion
  5. Not Attending The Inspection As The Client

Can Buyers Back Out After a Home Inspection?

It’s incredibly frustrating to discover that what you believed was your dream home is nothing more than a prospective nightmare. Fortunately, this is the reason real estate agents, brokers, and investors alike will all tell you to get a home inspection before purchasing a home.

Having a quality home inspection can keep you from making seriously costly mistakes. The majority of the time, the purchase and acquisition contract will allow you an “out” if, after finishing your home inspection and safety evaluation, you determine the house isn’t appropriate for you.

You have to review your purchase contract very carefully and also figure out when the deadline is for your home inspection to be completed; this is also called the inspection contingency. Thinking that you are still within the time constraints of your inspection contingency, you need to read through your purchase agreement to find out what needs to be done to inform the seller that you would like to withdraw your offer on the home.

If the purchase agreement you use when buying a house includes the same language as the typical state purchase and acquisitions contract, you should be able to inform the seller of your intent to withdraw before the home inspection contingency deadline without much, if any, repercussion. Some states will have forms to help you address this problem that you can make use of to notify the seller. If you make sure to inform the seller of your intent before the due date and also by the method defined in the agreement, you should be able to obtain your earnest cash back in full.

If you are past the inspection contingency date, however, it is possible that your earnest cash may not be refundable.

Among the very best aspects of the home inspection contingency in an acquisition contract is that, in a lot of situations, it is a highly subjective contingency. To put it succinctly, the home buyer likely has the choice to revoke the contract before the inspection due date for nearly any type of factor: your home smells funny, it ends up that there isn’t a lawn sprinkler or the home buyer feels your house has negative juju.

The ability to withdraw your offer may not hold with all purchase agreements, so review your inspection contingency meticulously.

If you are using a state-approved contract for the purchase of the home, you will virtually always have the ability to back out of the agreement before the contingency due date for several reasons. After all, before committing to an offer, many buyers only see the home once or twice. The inspection contingency permits the purchaser to be more sensible and get even more of a feel for the good condition of your home before fully committing to the tune of the earnest money and down payment.

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Home Inspector Jarrett Ferris gets ready to inspect an attic

How Do I Contact SPS Inspections to Speak With a Licensed Home Inspector?

To contact SPS Inspections, please ->

  • dial the company’s main business line at (360)-688-3069,
  • feel free to email us at Support@spsinspections.com and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible,
  • You can also reach the lead inspector by phone directly at (360)-688-3173,
  • find SPS Inspections on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more,

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

The price of a home inspection can at times vary widely between different inspectors and different inspection firms. Knowing what it’s going to cost to inspect your home can be a nightmare to think about much of the time. Now there is no more suspense or surprise when it comes to the cost of a home inspection, with SPS Inspections newly launched Home Inspection Cost Calculator and Estimator! Make sure you download our comprehensive home inspection checklist and help get the peace of mind you deserve.

What Kinds of Protections or Guarantees Does SPS Inspections Offer it’s Clients?

SPS Inspections was founded on the foundation of community and the helping spirit. When we provide home inspection services, we do so because we love inspecting homes and with the intent to provide the most massive amount of value possible to our clients and create win-win-win situations for everyone involved! If you’re still not convinced, check out SPS Inspections Home Warranty and Inspection Guarantees! SPS Inspections even has protections for the real estate agents who refer us to their clients! When you have closing costs, home loans, and your earnest money deposits being held in escrow to worry about, don’t let the home inspection be one of them! Hire SPS Inspections now for all your home inspection needs!

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

Whether you are buying a house or selling a house, a comprehensive home inspection with SPS Inspections of Olympia takes an average of about three hours. Depending on the home being inspected, this number could be somewhat larger, but also smaller. Get an idea for just how Comprehensive our inspections are by looking over SPS Inspections’ Standards of Practice here, which identifies the bare minimum of what will be inspected by our licensed and certified home inspectors!

What Locations Does SPS Inspections Provide Home Inspection Services to?

SPS Inspections is located in Olympia, Washington, but we serve an area with about a 50-mile radius around Olympia! Shelton, Longview, Centralia, Auburn, Maple Valley, and Lacey are a few of the areas we provide home inspection services too. You can also check out our service area locations for home inspection services to see if we provide services near your location!