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Welcome to the Online Home of Olympia Home Inspection Company, SPS Inspections!

My name is Jarrett Ferris and I am the lead inspector at SPS Inspections. We service the Olympia Washington community with home inspection services that stand head and shoulders above the competition. SPS Inspections is helping to bring the service back into the home inspection industry with our client-centered inspection services: Get the home inspection you paid for, tailored specifically to your needs, and guaranteed by one of the industries most outrageous guarantees, the WE BUY YOUR HOME BACK GUARANTEE!

Thats right, if you purchase a home due to a faulty report by an SPS home inspector, we give you the means to get your house purchased back from you, for exactly what you paid! Follow this link for more information on requirements for the home buy back program. 

As a client of SPS Inspections, if you are purchasing a home, you are automatically enrolled into this program at no additional cost to you, and without having to do anything besides have your home inspection with us!

SPS Inspections, YOUR choice, for home inspection services in and around the Olympia Washington area.

SPS Inspections also services Thurston County, Mason County, Pierce County, Grays Harbor County, West Lewis County, Pacific County, and Southern King County! Contact SPS Inspections today to schedule, or get a quote for your home inspection service needs!

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With this, we are only able to serve the community to the extent that we know how to perform our job as a home inspector in Olympia Washington, and that we know what we are doing is actually working so we may provide more value for more clients and customers.

If you could please spare a moment of your time to comment below your opinion of or what of value you found on this page, this site, about this company, and anything you think or thought while browsing here would be GREATLY appreciated. Your opinions could have a profound impact on our marketing strategy as a small business. As the operator of SPS Inspections, I want to do everything I can to better this company, and better our ability to continue serving this great community of Olympia for many years to come!

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