Spectora – The Best Home Inspection Software for Writing Inspection Reports in 2020

By JDFerris | Industry Resources

Jan 04

Spectora Allows You to Write Beautiful, Comprehensive, Informative, and Modern Inspection Reports That Clients and Agents Love

With Spectora’s report writing software, you can be a home inspector who is proud of the written home inspection reports you create. Spectora provides home inspection reports that have contemporary web-based experience customers and agents enjoy.

Intuitive and also tidy, Spectora reports are easy to keep reading on either the web or on a mobile device. Their online reports are constructed from the ground-up based upon real estate agents and also client comments.

Today’s world is nothing without performance and efficiency – research studies reveal that buyers, as well as agents, do not take the time to read all lengthy text. Spectora’s reports and visual presentations can present pictures and also videos in addition to a collection of base report templates that are as concise and detailed as possible.

Spectora allows home inspectors to easily create stunning visual reports with ease

With Spectora, visual emphasis can be on the client’s and agent’s leading concerns – the actual deficiencies. If and when a client requires information from their home inspection report at any time during their real estate transaction, descriptive detail and information are available at the touch of a button.

With sidebar navigation and clear, visible links, let clients and also agents locate the information they need in a timely and efficient manner. Agents and customers alike can filter the report results by high concern observation summaries, all items observed as deficient, or the full inspection report complete with photo, video, text, and links.

An inside look at what your Spectora home inspection report writing software dashboard looks like online

Offer your clients the simplicity of seeing only what they need to. Rather than looking at massive walls of messages and text, long comments are kept in expanding message locations that maintain the report as user-friendly and clean as possible. With Spectora’s web-based home inspection reporting software, customers can view any photo in a full-screen lightbox to view those hard-to-see details whenever they need it.

Spectora’s Home Inspection App Works on Desktop, Laptop, iPhone, Ipad, and all Android Devices

With online software, you can flawlessly transition between using your phone, your tablet computer, and also your desktop computer.

Now you can write your home inspection reports right on your Android or Apple phone!

Much like several other modern online systems you utilize (Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.), once you enter in the current data, you know it’s fresh because it saves automatically and directly to the cloud.

If the battery on one device dies, you can use a separate device and pick up exactly where you left off.

Residential or Commercial Property, Easily Add Your Written Report to Communications With Your Real Estate Agent or Client

Real Estate Agents, watch this video to learn how to easily navigate a Spectora home inspection report online!

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Home Inspection Software

  1. Home inspection software doesn’t just write reports, Spectora allows you to use their platform for scheduling your inspection services too!
  2. Use spectora to set and send automated emails to clients and agents.
  3. Using a quality home inspection report writing software like Spectora can dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to write a report.
  4. Spectora allows you the opportunity to use their inspection report writing software free for up to five home inspection reports created.
  5. Spectora has dozens of pre-built home inspection report templates that are available to all Spectora subscribers at no additional cost.
  6. Use Spectora’s home inspection report software on your tablets and mobile devices as well, both Apple and Android are supported! Simply download the mobile app to your smartphone or mobile device, log into your account, and you are good to go!
  7. Spectora will integrate with several other apps and services to help make your life as a home inspector just a little easier.

Get Ready Skyrocket Your Home Inspection Business With Spectora’s Web-Based Inspection Software

Make use of the fact you use Spectora’s home inspection report software in your marketing and advertising! The beautifully graphical reports can be a big selling point for a lot of agents and potential clients alike.

Make use of the fact that you provide your clients and agents not just with a document, or a PDF report file, but Spectora users provide their clients and agents with their own inspection service dashboard. This dashboard includes the links to the completed report, a copy of the completed invoice statement, any and all attachments you added to their report, the signed and completed inspection agreement, and much more!

Make use of the fact that Spectora helps you provide your agents and clients with high-level and extremely valuable reports that are easy to understand and not laden with huge walls of text that nobody reads anyways!

Sample Reports, Inspections Reports, and Free Trials!

If you want to be one of the thousands of home inspectors that have switched to Spectora, and be able to write the types of reports that are visually appealing and simply understood by your agents and clients, then you need to get the best inspection report writing software of the year!

Spectora's home inspection report writing software will auto-populate your inspection report templates for you

Easily build inspection report templates using the included Spectora template library which is loaded with dozens of already made inspection report templates! Both from Spectora, and from lots of other home inspectors across the nation who use Spectora and have uploaded their custom report templates for others to use!

Don’t waste another minute with a home inspection report writing software that just doesn’t meet your needs, claim your free trial of Spectora home inspection report software now!

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