How Does the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Decide Whether or Not to Lend on a Home

At least in Washington State, a home inspection is NOT legally required to be accepted and approved for an FHA home loan. The home’s valuation or appraisal is the service that is legally required to be completed before the Federal Housing Administration will lend on a property.

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This, however, is not to say that hiring a good home inspector can’t increase the likelihood of the FHA approving your home loan for a particular property. In fact, hiring a qualified home inspector with experience in real estate transactions dealing with the FHA can help to greatly increase your odds of being approved for your FHA financing!

But, before we get to the benefits of hiring an experienced, certified home inspector to help with FHA loan approval, how can we know if the Federal Housing Administration will approve a property for lending or not? Given that home inspection’s themselves are not “pass or fail”, how can the FHA decidedly pass or fail a home for financing?

Safety Assessed Minimum Property Standards

PDF Download Courtesy of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

How Will Hiring the Right Home Inspector Help With my FHA Loan Approval

If you read through the standards and conditions above for what the Federal Housing Administration looks at when making a financing determination on a property, you can see that they are all mostly items that are included in a home inspection with SPS Inspections!

When you hire SPS Inspections to perform your inspection for a property you are attempting to get approved for FHA financing on, we are able to provide the Lender/ FHA with almost all of the information they are looking for or concerned about within a home that is up for financing.

As long as there are no glaring issues with a direct impact on the resident’s safety, a completed home inspection report from your local home inspection professional can go a long way in helping the lender to make a positive decision regarding financing the property!

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