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When Buying a Home, Follow These Guidelines for the Best Outcome

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Remember That Everything is Negotiable

Don’t be afraid to ask for anything when you make an offer on a home. If you want a particular closing date, just ask for it, it can be negotiated into the contract. Maybe you want repairs made. Ask for them to be made before your purchase of the home. Don’t be shy. No matter how emotional buying a home can be, it is ultimately a business transaction, and negotiating the contract is an essential part of any business deal; why should real estate be any different? Also, you should never automatically assume that items and fixtures such as furniture, certain appliances, backyard swing set, etc. will be left behind if it hasn’t been expressly agreed to in the purchase and sale contract.

Remember That No Home is Perfect

Yes, this means new construction homes as well! Don’t be the one to make the mistake of not having a home inspection on a newly constructed home believing it to be completely free of imperfection or safety issue. Homes are not built like vehicles in a factory assembly line. Each house is hand-built, typically by a variety of qualified tradespeople. If you are purchasing a new home, make sure to have it inspected by a licensed AND Certified home inspector (InterNACHI is a great home inspection organization for finding licensed and InterNACHI certified home inspectors in your State or City.).

All SPS Inspections home inspectors are licensed in their State as well as qualifying as a C.P.I. (Certified Professional Inspector) through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Visit the Home in the Rain

Even if it is not possible to get inside the home on short notice, do yourself a favor and observe the exterior of the home while it is raining! While you are looking over the exterior of the home, ask yourself a couple of questions: Are the gutters and downspouts diverting water away from the home’s foundation? Does the home’s grade slope away from the foundation at a gentle decline? Do there seem to be any leaks anywhere?

Unless you view the exterior of the home in the rain, it is difficult to know for sure if all moisture intrusion prevention systems are operating properly and keeping the majority of water away from the home’s structure.

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