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If you happen to find yourself in the Pacific Northwest, perhaps even living in and owning a home in the South Puget Sound Region of the Pacific Northwest, then you are in the right place!

Photo of a beautiful waterfall in the pacific northwest
The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the United States’ most spectacular waterfalls. Unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest also has many issues with moisture intrusion in your home.

There will come a time in every person’s life, whether they own a home or not, that you will need to “run to the hardware store real quick” to pick up some innocuous item which you believe to be sold en masse at your local Jim Bob’s hardware store. So you will hop on the bus, or get in your vehicle, or check the chain on your bike, and head there to get whatever item it is you need.

You get to the local Jim Bob home improvement store down the way, only to realize no one in the store even knows what the heck you’re talking about, and larry in the back has never even seen the part you are holding in your hand (and Larry has seen EVERYTHING…), so it must be custom made! Right?

Perhaps. This situation is definitely possible where the item you are looking for is, in fact, custom made. But is it PLAUSIBLE? Is it likely that the last 3 screws you were given to finish building the children’s bed you just purchased from The Old Cannery Furniture and Mattress Warehouse, which fell down between the floor vent and floorboards and are now irretrievable, would be custom? That the bed set, which is the same exact set sold to thousands of other people and their families all over the U.S. would come with screws requiring custom fitting and or sizing?

I digress. For those of you conspiracy enthusiasts out there, yes, there is in all likelihood a chance that there is a bigger conspiracy at play to increase consumerism in America by making certain items or parts which should otherwise be easily obtainable, into items which are all but impossible to find.

Or let’s say you found out your new home came complete with the same single-strand aluminum wiring which was installed in the electrical panel back when the home was built in the ’70s! You are going to want to make sure to get this situation remedied ASAP as the single-strand aluminum wire can be extremely dangerous when used in the homes electrical panel. If you do not wish to hire a qualified electrician to do the work, one way to mitigate the possibility of serious fire damage occurring from a failure in the single-strand aluminum wiring is to replace it with new copper wire using a copalum wire connector to attach the old aluminum wire to the new copper wire at the junction of the electrical box.

Home Improvement Stores in the South Puget Sound -
Found a half-face mask respirator, which unfortunately the clerk had confidently told me incorrect directions to and location of, not to mention it was supposed to be a full-face mask respirator, of which the clerk was also confident and insistent they had the item. wrong on both accounts. Unfortunately, in my experience, it is very difficult to find good help at Home Depot.

Other than those who agree with the above statement, the answer is no, the screws to a product like that would not be a custom item, they would be easily identifiable and found at a hardware store or home improvement store such as Ace Hardware, local True Value home improvement stores, and Lowes to name just a few. But this is where we begin running into problems in our search for an identical object to the one you need!

*This is very important that you read and fully understand this concept I am about to share with you:


Now hold on. I know this sounds extremely common sense and simple to most of you. And that’s because it is. NOT ALL HOME IMPROVEMENT STORES CARRY…THE…SAME…ITEMS… Simple as that! Unfortunately, it is not in the idea or concept that people have trouble understanding. The problems come from not understanding the effects of this information and how we attribute it to the situation at hand. Many times this happens simply because we are too focused on the task at hand, or our mind has wandered off elsewhere for the moment.

Photo of the more open layout within a Lowes home improvement store when compared with a Home Depot home improvement store.
Though similar to its competitor in the home improvement stores market, Home Depot, Lowes tend to have a more spacious, open layout and design to them, as you can see from the picture above!

So What About These Effects You Keep Mentioning?

Great question! You see, “in effect,” the simple idea that home improvement stores, for the most part, did NOT carry ALL of the same items, tools, parts, brands, and equipment as the others meant that each hardware store could individuate from their competitors! In today’s day and age, we call this “defining a niche within your business,” or “choosing a specialization.” This can help to target a more specific subset of the population who are more likely to purchase the items you sell which are different from your competitors.

This is important to know because rather than getting frustrated or angry over not being able to find a part at your local Home Depot, you are able to take a step back and realize that the part or tool you need very well may be at a different home improvement store in your area. But how do we find which one carries it, there are tons of hardware stores in the Pacific Northwest?!?!


We at SPS Inspections will accomplish this by providing our cherished readers and customers with the valuable information below, comprised of carefully curated content about the different local hardware stores, SPS Inspections’ take on the value of the hardware store itself, and the specialty or niche of each store as well as the different items you will be able to find there!

Below you will find information about the various home improvement stores in the Pacific Northwest, more specifically, home improvement stores of the South Puget Sound Region, including but not limited to Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, Olympia Tractor Supply, Andersons True Value Centralia, and many more to come!

For now, enjoy the information on this page, and make sure to check back frequently for updates, as each home improvement store listed here will be receiving its own personal page to add to the value contained in this article! I would have to say this page is less like an article and much more like a valuable resource!

Home Depot

SPS Inspections lead inspector Jarrett Ferris in front of Home Depot in Olympia Washington
Olympia Washington Home Inspector in front of the local Home Depot off of Fones Rd. in Olympia, just about on the border with Lacey Olympia

Details For Store #4708, 1325 Fones Rd Se, Olympia, Wa 98501:

Welcome to the Olympia, WA, Home Depot, where you can always count on kind and courteous customer service. We’ve got all the tools and materials you need to update your home, from tape to the latest kitchen appliances and everything in between.

Whether you have project questions or just need to pick up a specialty tool from the hardware store section, your Thurston County home improvement store has everything you need to get the job done. All of our stores feature a fully stocked Garden Center, Home Services to help you finish the job and a Pro Desk for full-time professionals.

So the next time you’re in the Lacey or South Bay neighborhoods, drop in and see us. You can find us south of the intersection of I-5 and Pacific Avenue. We’re not far from Hands On Children’s Museum, Percival Landing Park or Watershed Park. We look forward to seeing you in our aisles. 

Your Olympia Store Team



SPS in front of Lowes of Olympia Washington
SPS Inspections work truck sitting in the parking lot in front of Lowes off of Martin Way in Olympia Washington

Details For Store #1167, 4230 Martin Rd Se, Olympia, Wa 98516:

Since 1946, Lowe’s Companies, Inc. has grown from one hardware store in North Carolina into a Fortune® 50 home improvement company. Operating or serving more than 2,015 home improvement and hardware stores in the U.S. and Canada, we help homeowners, renters and professionals complete a wide array of home improvement projects.

Our more than 300,000 associates serve more than 18 million customers each week through our stores, contact centers, online channels and on the jobsite. We had fiscal year 2018 sales of $71.3 billion.

For more than 70 years, Lowe’s has focused on operating responsibly and providing outstanding customer service. Our vision statements guide our strategies and can be found on the Sustainability Strategy & Goals page of this report. Lowe’s is an active member of the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), the National Retail Federation (NRF) and a founding member of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation.

We also collaborate with the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council’s Retail Leadership Council and the U.S. EPA’s SmartWay, ENERGY STAR® and WaterSense® programs.

‘Building a Sustainable Foundation’ is Lowe’s sixteenth annual corporate responsibility report, outlining Lowe’s management approach to sustainability topics and highlighting our goals, performance and progress to date. Our core focus areas include Product Sustainability, Our People & Our Communities and Operational Excellence.Lowes Olympia: Olympia, Wa 98516


McLendon Hardware

Store Details For 1015 N Pearl St. Tacoma, WA 98406:

McLendon Hardware’s founding father gave us more than a name. He lived for customer satisfaction; grew a business with foresight and tenacity; and refused to be swindled by predatory sales-folks. These days, the latter are handled with more nuance than his previous habit of wielding an axe at the negotiating table, but you get the idea. McLendon Hardware is built on the foundation of legendary customer service and tremendous product selection laid down by Moses Jones McLendon.

Customers of a certain age may recall a somewhat gruff fellow who greeted them at the flagship Renton store. For 50 hours a week, he manned the front desk, decked in striped overalls, chewing a hand-rolled cigar, dutifully answering calls—albeit with a bit of a bark down the line. His job? By that time, it was simply to make certain every customer was finding what they needed, every time.

That’s Pop. Moses Jones “MJ” (later known as “Pop”) McLendon founded a company that would become a chain of seven stores, serving the Puget Sound area for nearly 90 years. His ability to understand his neighbors’ changing habits, and fill his stores with everything they didn’t yet know they’d need, made him a great business man and an even greater founder.

Born in 1892, as the eldest of a half-dozen children in rural Tennessee, the McLendon family’s needs soon outgrew their means. Offering his parents one less mouth to feed, 14-year-old MJ left home, walking his way to Texas in the shadows of the Smoky Mountains.McLendon’s Hardware Tacoma: Tacoma, Wa 98406

Lumber and supplies yard connected to Tractor Supply of Olympia Washington
Olympia Tractor Supply also had a large lumber and materials yard connected to the Northern side of the building, allowing for easy ingress and egress while loading larger orders and items.

Andersons True Value Centralia

Store Details For 220 North Tower, Centralia, Wa 98531:

After seven decades working with independent hardware retailers, today’s True Value is not only a stalwart of the industry, but also has the experience, the relationships, and most importantly the network of independent stores to ensure a long and bright future for the business.

In 1948, John Cotter founded Cotter & Company, a retailer-owned company that included 25 independently-owned and operated stores. With the purchase of Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett in 1963, Cotter not only acquired the company, but also the True Value trademark – a long-standing brand and presence since 1932.

The business has continued to grow and evolve ever since, with a firm focus on supporting growth and profitability for independent hardware retailers.

Today True Value Company, under the leadership of President and CEO John Hartmann, is one of the world’s leading hardlines wholesalers with a globally recognized brand providing its customers in over 60 countries an expansive product set with market-customized assortments at highly competitive prices, superior product availability, innovative marketing programs and a la carte value-added services like eCommerce ship-to-store, store remodel support and True Value University all within a flexible model which requires no membership.

Committed to long-term sustained growth and success, True Value serves nearly 4,600 stores worldwide with retail sales in their communities, totaling about $5.5 billion, with 13 regional distribution centers and approximately 2,500 True Value Associates.


Olympia Supply and Hardware

Store Details For 625 Columbia St Sw, Olympia, Wa 98501:

Olympia Supply Company has been the leading supplier of hardware and material in Olympia WA since 1906. We keep our customers as our No.1 priority. We are committed to help them successfully complete their diverse projects. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional builder or a contractor, we have got the supplies you need. Olympia Supply & Ace Hardware: Olympia, Wa 98501


Tractor Supply Co Olympia

Panoramic view of the front of Tractor Supply of Olympia Washington off Martin Way
Panoramic photograph of the home improvement and farm supply store, Tractor Supply of Olympia Washington

Details For Store #1958, 4141 Martin Way E Ste 105, Olympia, WA 98516:

Tractor Supply Company is the largest operator of rural lifestyle retail stores in America. Founded in 1938 as a mail order tractor parts business, Tractor Supply Company (also referred to as TSC) owns and operates over 1,700 stores in 49 states supplying basic maintenance products to home, land, pet and animal owners. Based in Brentwood, Tenn., Tractor Supply is a public company whose stock is traded on The NASDAQ National Market under the symbol TSCO.

The company was founded in 1938 as a mail order catalog business offering tractor parts to America’s family farmers. Today Tractor Supply is a leading edge retailer with annual revenues of approximately $7.91 billion.

Tractor Supply is continuing to grow with new stores and improved product offerings. The Tractor Supply mission and values motivate and inspire team members and give the organization a unified focus for the future.

Everything except tractors. At TSC, customers find everything they need to maintain their farms, ranches, homes and animals. As the inventors of the “do it yourself” trend, our customers handle practically every chore themselves, from repairing wells to building fences, welding gates together, constructing feed bins, taking care of livestock and pets, repairing tractors and trucks and building trailers for hauling.

TSC’s products include: clothing, equine and pet supplies, tractor/trailer parts and accessories, lawn and garden supplies, sprinkler/irrigation parts, power tools, fencing, welding and pump supplies, riding mowers and more.

Olympia Tractor Supply Co.: Olympia, Wa 98512 – About Us

Western Builders Supply, Inc Tacoma

Store Details For 712 East 26th St Tacoma, WA 98421:

Our firm was organized and incorporated February 1, 1954 by John Corliss, L.J. (Gib) Gibson, John Edwardsen and Jack Hersey. Mr. Edwardsen and Hersey withdrew from the business by 1965. John Corlisss died in 1987 and Gib Gibson continued the business as the sole shareholder until 1985 when he retired and sold his interest to Carla and Ron Pemberton.
Carla and Ron changed the name from Western Millwork and Builders Supply, Inc. to Western Builders Supply, Inc. and have put together a terrific team of employees to serve you, the customer.

Western Builders Supply, Inc. has sold builder and cabinet hardware, lighting, and appliances in Western Washington for many years. At present, we have advanced from the former lighting and appliance sales to residential and commercial hardware, laminate, tub surrounds and partitions. Sales are wholesale and retail. We attempt to help our customers within the reasonable limits of our ability in a friendly and courteous way. Teamwork for our organization is of primary importance.

Our goal at Western Builders Supply, Inc. is to provide every customer with fast, friendly service along with excellent products at a fair price. Please contact us for your commercial and residential hardware needs.

We enjoy serving Tacoma and the greater Northwest region. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your hardware needs.

Picture of the beautiful and spacious Lowes Garden Center
Picture of the open concept layout of Lowes’ Garden Center. Personally, I still feel that Home Depot’s Garden Center is typically a better place to find good flowers and plants.

Lincoln Hardware Tacoma

3726 S G Street, Tacoma, Washington 98418

Store Details:

Lincoln Hardware is a family-owned and operated company in Tacoma, WA. We have been serving the Lincoln Business District for over 88 years. You can rely on us for your hardware, power tools, plumbing supplies, gardening tools, hardware tools, and cast iron product needs.

Loincoln Hardware: Tacoma, Wa 98418
Learn About Us – https://www.lincolnhardwaretacoma.com/

Lincoln Hardware is a family-owned and operated company in Tacoma, WA. We have been serving the Lincoln Business District for over 88 years. You can rely on us for your hardware, power tools, plumbing supplies, gardening tools, hardware tools, and cast iron product needs.

Lincoln Hardware: Tacoma, Wa 98418

Learn About Us

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