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Manufactured home foundation certifications

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Our goal is to make sure that every client comes away from their interactions and business with SPS Inspections feeling satisfied with the results obtained by us through our inspection services, happy to find value in our services well over what we charge for them, and most of all, we want our clients to feel listened to, and understood: with bachelors degrees in 3 of the social sciences, Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy, our customer service manager has taught different ways of successfully and efficiently communicating with others in a business environment. So if you find that your inspector is lacking in the customer service department, please contact us here to share your concerns so we may handle it properly!

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First Class Customer Service

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SPS Inspections is proud to say that exemplary customer service and attention to our clients needs is one of the differentiating elements between us and other inspection companies out there!

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Accurate Measurements

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SPS Inspections home inspectors are highly trained not only in the field of home inspecting, but also in building construction and the proper use and handling of tools. You can be confident knowing that SPS inspectors double check all foundation certification measurements.

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Licensed & Certified

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All home inspectors with SPS Inspections carry not only their State License for home inspection, but also carry and keep up to date their InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector certification from INACHI; the largest national home inspection organization.

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SPS Inspections are all about customer service. They do a thorough job of inspecting the property and then make it easy to understand the results. Prompt, professional and easy to work with. They helped me a lot.

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About Your manufactured home foundation certification

At SPS Inspections, we care about providing our customers with not only the best customer service around, but with the best overall experience you could have with a home inspection company. When it comes to providing our clients and fellow members of the community with manufactured foundation certification and inspection services, rest easy knowing that all certified inspectors at SPS will do everything in our power to provide you with the best results possible* (NOTE: this does not mean we will do anything to give you what you want. this means that SPS Inspections home inspectors will perform their duties to the highest level possible, and with precision, accuracy, clear thinking, and good judgement!

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Our manufactured home foundation certifications cover the entire exterior of the building, and all of it's "macro-measurements." This includes height to eaves, height to apex of roof, width, and length of the home among several other items. 

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Photographs and measurements of all items inspected will be collected by your manufactured foundation certification inspector in order to compile the necessary information in order to hopefully obtain a favorable response as to whether your manufactured home's foundation is structurally sound enough for the home to be considered for certification without the need for redesign. No matter what your situation is, a photo of the HUD tag will need to collected to properly finish the certification inspection. For Information on where to find your manufactured home HUD tag, Clayton Homes has excellent information:

"Where You Can Find Your HUD Tag

The HUD tag (certification label) is located on the back right corner of the outside of the home (the “tongue” of the home or corner of the frame). The same information should also be found on the data plate in the master bedroom closet or in the cabinets under the kitchen sink. The data plate is a paper label with information about your home including the wind zone to which it was built and what home building facility built your home." - (https://www.claytonhomes.com/studio/hud-certification-for-manufactured-home/ , accessed 12/17/2019)
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After the inspector has come out to your manufactured home to collect the necessary information to complete your manufactured foundation certification, and collected all the pictures and measurements he/she requires for completion of the foundation certification report, which the structural engineering firm will be using, to analyze the home and its foundation. In order to make a determination as to the structural soundness of your foundation and whether it can be certified without redesign services and work or not will be decided in large part by what information is contained within the report that your home inspector compiled. This is why SPS Inspections takes great care in making sure all the pertinent and correct information was acquired, and everything needed to give our clients the best shot at having their foundation certified without the need for redesign!

What does a foundation certification cost with sps inspections?

The typical cost of a manufactured foundation certification purchased from SPS Inspections is $425

This includes the inspection and collection of information from your manufactured unit and it's foundation. This information will then be analyzed via report by a qualified structural engineering firm who will determine the whether your manufactured homes foundation can be certified or if it will need redesigns.

The $425 for the foundation certification does not include any redesign service or work. If it is determined by the structural engineering firm, that your manufactured foundation is unable to be certified without redesign or other work, we can help provide you with the redesign work as well. There is no set price for the manufactured foundation redesign work. As for what each home needs in order to certify, this is determined by the structural engineering firm on a case-by-case basis.

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SPS Inspections headquarters is located in the heart of Washington's State Capital, Olympia. Even still, SPS Inspections provides manufactured foundation certification services from Longview to Kent, and from Ocean Shores to Roy, including Tacoma, Shelton, Lacey, Grand Mound, and then some! Call us today to speak with a licensed and certified inspector about your foundation certification project!

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