Manufactured home ownership and style

Welcome to the New Age: Millenials are Buying Manufactured Homes in Droves!

Manufactured Homes Are Making a Comeback in the Population of Millenials

With manufactured homes, there is no longer merely the “one-size-fits-all” mobile home unit anymore. There are countless styles, models, colors, accessories, skirtings, extensions, etc. to buy or include with your newly purchased manufactured home. The ability to have a new home developed precisely to the homeowners’ desires and requirements is one of the enormous advantages of buying a new manufactured home.

What Are Manufactured Homes?

Huge manufactured home combination structure
Even homes of this caliber are able to be made this day and age thanks to how far prefab home construction, development, and delivery have come over the past many years!

Manufactured homes are constructed to order. Purchasers are offered a big selection of layout, a wide variety of essential functions, amenities, exteriors, upgrades, and designs. Personalization alternatives to match a property buyer’s vision are somewhat familiar to many manufactured home builders. Luckily, you likely will never have to spend as much for these items as you do in a typical site-built home.

For many Americans, their home is their most valuable asset. Contrary to the popular concept of a manufactured home, prefabricated homes will, in fact, appreciate and depreciate at or near the very same rate as a site-built home. If this is something you worry about, during the process to purchase the mobile house, be sure to hire an inspector who is fully insured If possible, don’t forget to ask the inspector if they have any home inspection guarantees that would apply to you? Think about the following.

In August of 2018, a report by the Urban Institute released by the FHA had suggested manufactured homes had seen a price index growth rate of 3.4% that year. This 3.4% manufactured home price index growth rate is in direct comparison to the 3.8% for site-built homes.

Recently, home appraisals prices have actually increased at a faster rate for manufactured homes than they have for standard, stick-built, or site-built homes.

Manufactured Homes Floor Plans

Modern manufactured home floor plans are offered in multiple square footages using the same products as a site-built house. With the quality of construction, safety, facilities, energy efficiency, and an appearance superior or equal to a comparably sized site-built home, with an acquisition expense of 35% – 55% less. (mind you, this does not take into consideration the land which you intend the home to rest on).

Manufactured Homes Prices

no more penny-pinching required when you make the decision to purchase a manufactured home
With all of the affordable options for manufactured home style, size, layout, and everything else, there is no longer a need to penny-pinch constantly just to hopefully one day save up enough to buy the house you want. You can now purchase manufactured homes of similar, if not higher quality, than its site-built counterparts for only a fraction of the cost! You can’t beat it!

The typical expense of, let’s say 1800 sq.ft., four-bedroom, 2 bath multi-section manufactured homes is right around $78,000 when consisting of minimal upgrades, standard delivery, and setup. Even with the addition of several updates and customizations that are widely available for manufactured homes, the total price would likely be less than $100,000 … Ready to live in.

Manufactured And Traditional Home Price Index Changes Over Time

Lately, manufactured homes are rapidly ending up being the preferred choice of countless Americans who have discovered today’s contemporary manufactured home is everything a home ought to be. In a research study by the National Association of Realtors, 87% of those polled pointed out homeownership as being one of the top requirements for defining “the great life.” Manufactured homes provide you with all of the amenities and functionality a modern-day American wants for quality of life and homeownership.

Manufactured homes price index changes compared with Traditional site-built homes price index changes over the years
Graphic provided by

The figure above reveals the two indexes expressed as year-over-year house cost modifications, which show the higher volatility of the manufactured home index. Although the more restricted number of manufactured home observations could explain part of this. Quarterly fluctuations have been removed from the data set, which has been cataloging and taking a deeper look at year-over-year changes in the manufactured home’s data set.

More significantly, if we look at the typical change over the whole duration that the Federal Housing Agency tracks both indices, the nationwide housing index has an average annual development rate of 3.8 percent versus the manufactured home index at 3.4 percent. These results turn out to be not enough to claim a significant difference between the change in the price index of manufactured homes and that of site-built homes, although the prefabricated houses appear to appreciate in value more gradually.

Energy-Efficient Manufactured Homes

But what about environmental features for manufactured homes? Just what eco-friendly features can these types of homes offer potential homeowners today? Manufactured homes naturally use eco-friendly structure materials, and manufactured house builders utilize only what the property owner needs, and no more than. However, modular homes likewise use many green structure techniques that can turn your house into quite a sustainable resource.

Green Home Solutions for Manufactured Homes

To do this, think about equipping your manufactured home with green products such as self-generating photovoltaic panels. Considering how new technological advancements, which have allowed technology of this kind to drastically be minimized in size and weight over recent years, what once was very difficult to do, if only for lack of products and availability of these once large panels, going green is much simpler than ever before.

Welcome to the New Age: Millenials are Buying Manufactured Homes in Droves! -
Though manufactured homes may have many different addons or ammenities you can purchase to affect the eco-friendliness of your home, having your entire roof and then some be converted into photovoltaic panels might just be going a little overboard for the typical homeowner/buyer…

When compared to standard houses, modular homes need less raw material, are built inside a clean factory and require less space. It’s easy to see how manufactured homes leave the small ecological footprint that many are now looking for in the America of today.

Speak with your regional manufactured home dealership about green structure strategies for your brand-new made house. Additional possible amenities include insulated windows, energy-efficient doors, timed thermostats, on-demand hot water heater, energy-efficient lighting, and home appliances. You could even have a geothermal heat pump installed! These are still only just a few of the many ways to ensure the home will be as energy efficient as you would like it to be.

Manufactured Homes Sales On The Westcoast

When it comes to the Western United States, there are a few big contenders in the prefab homes industry. If you live on the West Coast of the U.S. and are in the market for one big helping of the American Dream, contact one of these manufactured homes dealers to get your dream home picked out!

Any one of these great manufactured homes dealers, builders, and retail warehouses will be a great choice for new manufactured homeowners. By working between these 4 manufactured homes dealers on the West Coast, I fully believe there is no way you would not be able to find your dream home! Get started on your American Dream today! Contact them above to learn more about what they can all do for you.

Why Manufactured Homes Have Become A Blessing To A Generation

When it comes down to it, standard site-built homes are getting more and more expensive all the time. In the millennial generation, there aren’t a lot of people who find themselves in a position to be able to afford your standard single-family home and mortgage given their current circumstances. Thanks to the proliferation of sizes, types, styles, colors, designs, amenities and what have you else, an accepting new culture where manufactured homes are not seen as the grimy, dingy broken down trailers from years ago as they have been portrayed in movies and T.V. has been allowed to be born!

This has led to a more widely accepted idea of manufactured homes as a viable option for homeownership. Manufactured homes are a viable money-saving alternative when compared to more expensive site-built homes. but maintenance, upkeep, and functionality all rival that of your typical balloon-framed dwellings of the past, if not exceed them entirely! So let me ask you then; “What’s keeping you from becoming a homeowner through the purchase and acquisition of the personally designed and custom-built manufactured home of your dreams?!?!”

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  • Don’t let Moisture Intrusion get the better of you! Learn more about the problems you might run into, and some ideas and solutions to help you with moisture intrusion issues in your home. Thankfully, many moisture control issues and solutions are the same whether it is a manufactured home or otherwise!
  • Make sure to always have a qualified professional make any large changes or repairs to your plumbing systems, but for the small jobs, check out one of your local home improvement stores to get the parts and equipment you need to get the job done right!

And remember; manufactured homes need inspections too!

Learn more about home inspection and the real estate industry by checking out SPS Inspections real estate forum posts, replies and resources over on our resource links list page!

Welcome to the New Age: Millenials are Buying Manufactured Homes in Droves! -
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