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SPS Inspections' EYE CANDY


Pictures exclusively from the home and property inspections performed by Jarrett Ferris and SPS Inspections! All photographs utilized with consent of the photo's owner, as well as the subject of the photos when a third party is photographed.

SPS Inspections on the job

SPS Inspections



At SPS Inspections, we value and respect all forms of life. As such, most of SPS Inspections' "Employees" have four legs and spend most of the day NOT answering the phones... This gallery is all about the life of an inspector, on, and off the clock!

the inspect life


SPS at large!

Check out pictures of SPS Inspections at large, and follow our antics and exploits as we go about helping others and making our community a better place for everyone!

SPS Inspections at Large!

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