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Residential Tankless Water Heater Buyers Guide 2020 Featured Photo

Residential Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide for 2020

The Essential Buyers Guide For Residential Tankless Water Heater Systems in 2020 The popularity of tankless water heating units has been reaching an essential fever pitch in the United States lately. As you might expect, the marketplace is currently overflowing with a variety of good quality options. For a homeowner like you, this can mean …

How Millennial home buyers are changing the real estate industry - feature photo

How Millennial Home Buyers Are Changing the Real Estate Industry

Why Are Millennials Having Such a Hard Time Becoming Homeowners? Although Millennials have been adults in a regularly low rate of interest environment, the barrier to entry to the real estate market and homeownership has been higher for this generation than for others. The Effect Millennials Are Having on the Real Estate Industry It’s clear …

Best Wall Mounted Ductless Mini Split AC Systems at Home Depot Article Feature Graphic

The Best Ductless Mini Split AC Units at Home Depot

Ductless Air Conditioning: What is a Mini Split Air Conditioner? The typical central air HVAC system is not always the most effective or suitable choice for every house. If you have an older home, mounting whole-home air conditioning may not be feasible as a result of a lack of room for ductwork or otherwise. The …

State of Washington seal on geographical flag background

Continuing Education is a Requirement for Home Inspectors

Home Inspection Continuing Education in Washington State For all licensed home inspectors in Washington State, the Washington State Department of Licensing adheres to the following criteria, which they have published online in their “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Home Inspectors and Consumers.” What are the continuing education requirements for home inspectors? You will need …

Air conditioning system with a filter clog graphic

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Inspection for Homeowners

Performing air conditioning maintenance and inspection for homeowners doesn’t have to be a big, problematic, difficult ordeal, but it can help in a big way with your indoor air quality. If you simply follow along with this guide, checking out your home’s air conditioning unit can be a breeze. Throughout the United States, A home’s …

Signing a sales contract for a real estate transaction

What Are Real Estate Purchase Agreements, Home Buying Contracts, and Inspection Contingencies

What is a Purchase Agreement? Historically, when one thinks of a purchase agreement, it is not odd to automatically be reminded of real estate. This is because a large number of contracts, purchase agreements, and other forms and documents remain under the purview of the real estate industry and markets. A purchase agreement also referred …

Spectora Home Inspection Software and Inspection Report Writing Logo

The Best Home Inspection Software for Writing Inspection Reports in 2020

Spectora Allows You to Write Beautiful, Comprehensive, Informative, and Modern Inspection Reports That Clients and Agents Love With Spectora’s report writing software, you can be a home inspector who is proud of the written home inspection reports you create. Spectora provides home inspection reports that have contemporary web-based experience customers and agents enjoy. Intuitive and …