Oct 17

Home Inspection Standards of Practice

By JDFerris | Home Inspection

A Primer to our Standards of Practice Home Inspection is not the most highly regulated industry. It is only really even within the past 15 to 20 years that home inspection has begun emerging at the forefront of the real estate industry! Before this, it was somewhat uncommon to expect a home inspection to accompany […]

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Oct 04

What is an Electrical Subpanel

By JDFerris | Electrical

What is an Electrical Subpanel? An electrical subpanel is essentially a separate hub at a midpoint between the main service panel, and whatever branch circuits the wiring is going to. An electrical subpanel can also be known as a service subpanel or circuit breaker subpanel. In essence, an electrical subpanel can be considered a tiny […]

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Sep 23

3 Homebuyer Mistakes to Avoid

By JDFerris | Home Inspection

Learn From Those Who Have “Mistaked” Before You Following, you will find the 3 homebuyer mistakes you need to be aware of as you get ready to make that lifechanging decision and purchase the new home you have always wanted. When you are preparing for, or in the process of, purchasing a new home, it […]

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Sep 11

Home Inspection Cost Calculator

By JDFerris | Industry Resources

Home Inspection Cost Calculator and Quote Tool Acquiring a residence is terrific, yet it can likewise be a lengthy and challenging process. That’s why a good quality home inspection is so crucial when buying a home. The typical homeowner doesn’t have the training needed to spot many of the conditions or situations which can lead […]

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Aug 26

Manufactured Homes and Millennials A New Age Of Home Ownership

By JDFerris | Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes Are Making a Comeback in the Population of Millenials With manufactured homes, there is no longer merely the “one-size-fits-all” mobile home unit anymore. There are countless styles, models, colors, accessories, skirtings, extensions, etc. to buy or include with your newly purchased manufactured home. The ability to have a new home developed precisely to […]

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