Jun 14

The Trouble with Partial Inspections!

By JDFerris | Industry Insights

The Trouble with Partial Inspections! Frequently, requests for “partial” inspections are made by misinformed clients and those who believe they will be able to save money in this way. While I am sure that the basis for this request is the need to decrease the expenditure of the inspection, partial inspections are often a high-risk […]

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Jun 12

Internet Marketing For Small Businesses

By JDFerris | Small Business Marketing

Internet Marketing For Small Businesses Smaller sized service providers generally do not have thousands of dollars to spend on any unique, expensive kinds of advertising and marketing larger companies might have. Online, internet marketing for small businesses frequently becomes the main driver of the marketing project, so it’s highly vital to your business to better […]

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Dec 17

Dealing With Aluminum Wiring in Homes in 2019

By JDFerris | Electrical

Why is Aluminum Wiring Dangerous: Aluminum Wiring Dangers in the Home When was aluminum wiring used, you ask? According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Aluminum wiring in homes was prevalent in houses built or manufactured before 1972. These homes have been found to be 55 times more likely to have one or more electrical connections reach […]

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