The Inspection Report is a morning show dealing with the different questions people have regarding home inspections and the operation of their homes. Spreading useful, valuable, and correct information about one of a person's largest purchases in life; their home. I am a licensed home inspector in Washington State and have started this show, The Inspection Report, to help provide homeowners with the information they actually want and need to keep their homes operating in peak performance and condition all year round.

Episode 3 – How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost

Episode 3 – How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost
Homeowners and Buyers and Sellers, ...

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In today’s episode, host and licensed home inspector Jarrett Ferris discusses a couple of different factors that affect the price of a home inspection as well as what on average the cost of a home inspection is. Listen now for your answer to this question and more, today on The Inspection Report Show!

Homeowners and Buyers and Sellers, Oh My!

Homeowners and Buyers and Sellers, Oh My!

In this series of podcast shorts from home inspection company, SPS Inspections, The Inspection Report Show's host; Jarrett Ferris, discusses different questions and answers that are related to the home inspection and real estate industries. Get the answers to some of the most searched for questions about your home inspection, home inspector, home safety, home maintenance, and home buying among others! We hope you find value in this podcast series, so welcome to Homeowners and Buyers and Sellers, Oh My!

Episode 3 - How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost -
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