SPS Inspections Sample Inspection Reports

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    Visually Stunning: All SPS Inspections Reports are built using the powerful Spectora report writing platform, creating stunningly beautiful reports every time!
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    Easy to Read: With the graphic elements on the page helping to spread any text out, SPS Inspections Reports are very easy to read and understand. But we will always be there to help you when you need it!

“ The Inspection Report is our "Product", and at SPS Inspections, we take pride in our Products and build every report with as much added value and care as possible. This is YOUR inspection, NOT somebody else's, so let's make it YOURS!

In this sample home inspection report you will discover:


Findings & Observations

All findings from the Comprehensive Residential Home Inspection completed and performed by SPS Inspections will be included in your inspection report.


Practical and Actionable Information

With SPS Inspections, all of your Inspection Reports come standard with recommendations as to a possible course of action in the rectification of any observed material defects 


High Quality Photos From Your Inspection

During your inspection with SPS Inspections, we take several hundred high quality images of the property, home, and any possibly issues. Only the best and clearest and valuable of these photos are chosen to help describe any potential defects or issues to the client.


Identification of Defects & Possible Safety Issues

The real bread and butter of my job as a home inspector, is to assess the home and its systems for possible situations, or system defects, which if left untreated, would run the possibility of affecting the safety, health, or well-being of the current or future residents. Any of these findings are clearly and concisely catalogued and marked within your inspection  report.

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