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The Top 3 Mistakes Home Buyers and Sellers Make With Their Completed Home Inspection Report:

Top 3 mistakes home buyers and sellers make with the inspection report

  1. 1By far, the number one mistake I find people making in regards to their completed inspection reports, is not actually reading the home inspection report! When you scan through the report looking at the pictures and only some of the text, you begin ascribing your own meanings to the different aspects of the report and more often than not create problems where there are none. Make sure both you and your agent thoroughly read the inspection report to completion and don’t make any assumptions.
  2. 2The number two mistake I find home inspection clients making, is not asking their home inspector when they have a question about the report! Just because you have built a relationship with your real estate agent does not mean they can answer your questions about something they didn’t write, and especially not a topic they never studied and trained for. When you have questions about the home inspection report and what is in it, call your home inspector and ask them any questions you may have about your inspection report before going to closing or asking for concessions.
  3. 3The third mistake I find people making with their home inspection report, is approaching and understanding the report from a pass/fail perspective. A Home inspection report is NOT pass/fail, it is more so a spectrum, or continuum which places the overall health and safety of the home somewhere along that continuum. Rather than a simple yes or no, your home inspection is more like a grade for the property based on certain standards, and subjective to the point that human error is introduced by the inspectors themselves. So depending on your goals and needs, say for example, you are in the process of being approved for an FHA loan on the property, where that “final score” lands will help inform the mortgage agent of whether the home meets their standards for home loans. i.e. with everything included in the report, lets say the inspection showed the house had a score of 71/100; it will be up to the lender to decide if they are willing to lend on a property with that kind of rating. Some lenders might say they won’t lend under an 80/100, or only lend on scores of 70/100+. What is important to remember is that this process is vastly subjective and not totally exhaustive, and can depend greatly on both your inspector and your lenders moods etc. (That human error)

“ The Inspection Report is our Product, and at SPS Inspections, we take pride in our Product. We craft every inspection report with as much care and added value as possible. This is YOUR inspection, NOT somebody else’s, so whether you are a real estate agent, home buyer, home seller, or other, call us today at 360-688-3069 and let’s make it YOUR INSPECTION!

“ SPS Inspections can provide your written report in either of two report formats: we can deliver completed inspection reports in PDF file format, or as an online, interactive inspection document via our inspection dashboard. Clients will be provided with the report in PDF as the default, so if you are a client and would like otherwise, make sure you ask!”

In This Sample Home Inspection Report You Will Discover:

Findings & Observations

All findings and observations from the Comprehensive Residential Home Inspection completed and performed by SPS Inspections will be included in your comprehensive home inspection report.

Practical and Actionable Information

With SPS Inspections, all of your Inspection Reports come standard with recommendations as to a possible course of action in the rectification of any observed material defects 

High Quality Photos From Your Inspection

During your inspection with SPS Inspections, we take several hundred high quality images of the property, home, and any possibly issues. Only the best, clearest, and most valuable of these photos are chosen to help describe observations of any potential defects or issues to the client.

Identification of Defects & Possible Safety Issues

The real bread and butter of my job as a home inspector, is to assess the home and its systems for possible situations, or system defects, which if left untreated, would run the possibility of affecting the safety, health, or well-being of the current or future residents. Any of these findings are clearly and concisely catalogued and marked within your inspection  report.

House Inspection Reports Are For Home Buyers and Sellers! Ask Your Home Inspector for an Inspection Report Sample Before Making the Hiring Decision!

When in the process of buying a home, your typical home inspection will include items such as plumbing and electrical systems, the roof and attic systems, condition of both the interior and exterior of the home, water heaters, foundations, basements and more!

Everything that is found during the course of the house inspection will be summed up and explained in a written home inspection report completed by your professional home inspector. Once the house inspection report is complete, your home inspector will typically send the report within a day or two of the inspection completion. Sometimes your certified house inspector will even provide you with your written report on site as fast as at the conclusion of the physical house inspection! This is not necessarily the speed at which your typical home inspection report is disseminated; one to two days is average for completion and receipt of the inspection report.

At SPS Inspections, we take absolute pride in the quality, as well as the accuracy and insight of the reports we provide for our clients. Please take a moment and browse through one or two of the inspection report samples we have provided of our work above, and feel comfortable knowing that when you become a client of SPS Inspections, your inspection report will be equal to, if not greater than those listed here in every aspect, as with every inspection report we write, our report writing skills improve!

If you are perhaps a home inspector as well and would like to learn a little bit more about how to write inspection report samples, I would suggest looking into a good home inspection report writing software or product. Inspection report samples are really quite simple if only you just have the right tools! Personally, as a licensed and practicing home inspector, I will never use another piece of software for inspection report writing samples, as well as the comprehensive written inspection report that goes to the client! Spectora makes too beautiful of reports to want to leave for another inspection software!

For Home Inspection Professionals:

As a professional home inspector, the home inspection software you choose to use to help you write stellar inspection reports for your clients is absolutely crucial. Not only this, but it is also imperative that once you do choose your report writing software, you must quickly familiarize yourself with how to write a home inspection report in the proper inspection report format for the particular product inspection report you are creating. Luckily enough, Spectora provides it’s inspectors with loads of useful resources on home inspection report writing and doing quality control to keep everything crisp, clean, and up to date!

If you do decide that rather than using HomeGuage Home Inspection Software, or Home Inspector Pro Inspection Reporting Software, or any number of the other various home inspection report writing software companies out there, and opt for Spectora instead; click here to learn all about the industries best home inspection reporting software!

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