Lead and Asbestos Testing Services

Testing for Lead

Lead is a dangerous and toxic metal that was used in various building products for many years. If you believe lead may be present in the paint or other building material of your home, contact SPS Inspections today to discuss your options for lead testing in the home. We are here to help, so please, do not hesitate to call if you believe your home to have lead in it.

Testing for Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral with several different structural formations, most of which are harmless to humans. Unfortunately, because of its jagged and crystaline like structure, crocidolite type asbestos was used for a number of years in several building materials such as vermiculite insulation, some styles of stucco, and asbestos cement siding to name a few. If your home was built using one of these materials, it could be making you sick. If you think your home might have asbestos containing building materials, please, call SPS Inspections today at 360-688-3069 to speak with an experienced home inspector about inspecting for asbestos and asbestos testing services.

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