Manufactured Home Foundation Certification

Foundation Certification Process

Our manufactured home foundation certifications cover the entire exterior of the building, and all of it's "macro-measurements." This includes height to eaves, height to apex of roof, width, and length of the home among several other items. Photographs and measurements of all items inspected will be collected by your manufactured foundation certification inspector in order to compile the necessary information in order to hopefully obtain a favorable response as to whether your manufactured home's foundation is structurally sound enough for the home to be considered for certification without the need for redesign. No matter what your situation is, a photo of the HUD tag will need to collected to properly finish the certification inspection.

What to Expect

When it comes to providing our clients and fellow members of the community with manufactured foundation certification and inspection services, rest easy knowing that all certified inspectors at SPS will do everything in our power to provide you with the best results possible* (NOTE: this does not mean we will do anything to give you what you want. this means that SPS Inspections home inspectors will perform their duties to the highest level possible, and with precision, accuracy, clear thinking, and good judgement!

"Anyone Else Is Just Looking Around."