Mold Inspection & Testing With SPS Inspections

The Pacific Northwest experiences a large amount of rain each year, making moisture something that needs to be properly dealt with on a daily basis in the home. When this moisture is not properly dealt with, and certain other conditions exist within your home, it is possible to develop or begin developing mold.

The majority of the time, mold is harmless until the mold spores are kicked up into the air and you become exposed to them.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are looking for mold testing near me or mold inspection near me, you have come to the right place! SPS Inspections provides Western Washington with quick and accurate mold inspecting and testing services!

How Much Does a Mold Inspection Cost?

The cost of mold testing, and the price of a mold inspection, are two entirely separate things, but the mold inspection cost will be determined in part by the mold testing cost. When added as part of a comprehensive residential home inspection, SPS charges $50 per mold sample for mold testing services.

Full, comprehensive mold inspection services with SPS Inspections averages roughly $500, but also depends on the size and age of the home or building being inspected.

Hire SPS Inspections to Inspect Your Home for Mold!

If you believe your home may contain mold and/or are worried about a specific area in your home, give yourself some peace of mind and hire SPS Inspections to collect a sample or samples of the affected areas of the house.

If there are no visible signs of mold growing but your home or business maintains a dark, moist, warm interior, and you are concerned, hire a professional mold inspector from SPS Inspections to come out and perform a comprehensive visual inspection and analysis of the property.

Depending on where the inspector finds mold growth or mold problems, they will gather either a set of air samples or a set of surface samples. It could even be a combination of both air and surface samples.

Once a mold sample is taken, it is sent to the lab for processing and analysis which typically takes 24 to 48 hours after receiving the sample. Taking a mold sample to send to the lab for mold testing is necessary, especially as the total square feet and the amount of mold increases.

The mold test results will indicate the type or types of mold present, which can help guide your decision on whether mold remediation services are necessary.

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Spores and organic allergens from a mold sample testing in Olympia Washington

DIY Mold Test Kits Home Depot

If you have a mold problem, find mold or notice a presence of mold in your home or office, and are looking for something you can do yourself before we are able to get to you for the inspection there are a couple of different home mold test kits that will test for mold spores. You can find the Pro-Lab Mold Test Kit we recommend in the Home Depot mold test kit section here.

Even though these home mold test kits may not tell you the type of mold that is present right out of the box, they will typically include a petri dish or other sample collection container and instructions for shipping the sample off for certified lab analysis, usually complete within 48 hours.

These lab analysis results should be able to tell you the type(s) of mold growing in your building and affecting the indoor air quality with its spores.

Mold removal or remediation is always suggested when dealing with black mold, but other than that, make sure to go through the results with your inspector and have them explain everything to you in detail!