Mold Testing and Inspection Services

The Pacific Northwest as a whole experiences a large amount of rain each year, making moisture something that just needs to be properly dealt with in the home. When this moisture is not properly dealt with, and certain other conditions exist within your home, it is possible to develop or begin developing mold. The majority of the time, most mold is harmless until the spores are kicked up into the air and able to be breathed in.

Hire SPS Inspections to Inspect Your Home for Mold!

If you believe that your home may contain mold, or are worried about a specific area in your home, give yourself some peace of mind by hiring SPS Inspections to come collect a sample or samples from the location. If there is no mold visible, but your home maintians a dark, moist, warm interior, and you are concerned, hire a licensed home inspector from SPS Inspections to come out and perform a comprehensive mold inspection and analysis to determine if taking a mold sample to send out for mold testing is even necessary.

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