Single Family Home Inspections

When it comes to making sure that you and your family have a safe, sturdy, and reliable home for years to come, the inspectors at SPS Inspections leave nothing to the imagination. Our single family residential home inspections are so comprehensive, we only allow our inspectors to perform one home inspection a day so that proper attention can be given to the inspection as well as the report, as many deficient items tend to be found while looking back through inspection photos.

In the real estate and home inspection industry in Washington, it is not uncommomn for larger home inspection companies to require their employees be available for up to three or four inspections, in a single day! As well as being available for inspections "up to" seven days a week. So many home inspectors don't take the time they need to provide their clients with the best home inspection possible, and simply settle for "getting the job done."

While you are in the proccess of buying a home, and engaging in what is very likely to be the largest transaction you will ever make in your life, are you going to want an inspector who simply, gets the job done? Of course not!

"Inspecting The World!"

SPS Inspections Services Information

At SPS Inspections, we pride ourselves in being among the best when it comes to the quality and breadth and depth of information we provide to our clients about their prosepective new homes! Communicating effectively with our clients and understanding their position within the real estate transaction as well as their needs as a future homeowner, allows our home inspectors to provide customized inspections and reports tailored to exactly what you need to know as a home buyer.