SPS Inspections Company Introduction and video

By JDFerris | Home Inspection

Jul 07

SPS Inspections Company Introduction and video

Hi there, my name is Jarrett Ferris, and this is the first video of many to come from SPS Inspections, Olympia Washingtons premier provider of home inspection services, servicing Thurston County and the surrounding South Puget Sound Areas. I will go over all of SPS Inspections service areas in a later video which will be posted later this week of 7/8/2019 – 7/14/2019. For now, I would like to introduce myself and SPS Inspections a bit further!

I began SPS Inspections as a way to provide value to the Olympia, and surrounding communities and towns. Most of my life, I have been involved with some form of volunteer or charity organization work. Helping others is one of the things that truly brings me joy in this life. To that end I have spent time serving food on Thanksgiving to the less fortunate, helped organize fundraisers to support small, local nonprofit organizations, I along with my partner Brianna have volunteered and worked with local Olympia cat rescue, shelter, and adoption center, Feline Friends of Olympia Washington for the last 3 years after losing our beloved 4-year-old cat, Tobe to a reckless driver in front of our home. But I want to do more. More for myself, for the community. And I want to help, help others, help families understand the potential safety risks of their homes. The possibility of a system in the house with a safety defect not easily seen or understood which could put your family at risk of danger in a home you own or are looking to purchase for your family.

To do this, I have built SPS Inspections from the ground up from day one with the goal of providing everyone in the surrounding community with absolutely MASSIVE value. I will accomplish this by providing the community at large with massively valuable home inspection services and support. But this is just the tip of the iceberg folks. In pursuit of this goal and the chase of a safer and happier community and social environment, SPS Inspections will Always provide local law enforcement with 20% off all home inspection service fees! This is not a promotion with a time limit or really any other sort of restriction; if your local law enforcement employs you, and you want to have five inspections done that year, SPS Inspections will provide you with 20% off your total inspection fees for every inspection. SPS Inspections provides this discount because we believe in our local law enforcement and will always do everything in our power to help make our community a better place for everyone to live and thrive, not just survive!

How Do I Contact SPS Inspections to Speak With a Licensed Home Inspector?

To contact SPS Inspections, please ->
  • dial the company’s main business line at (360)-688-3069,
  • feel free to email us at Support@spsinspections.com and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible,
  • You can also reach the lead inspector by phone directly at (360)-688-3173,
  • find SPS Inspections on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more,

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

The price of a home inspection can at times vary widely between different inspectors and different inspection firms. Knowing what it’s going to cost to inspect your home can be a nightmare to think about much of the time. Now there is no more suspense or surprise when it comes to the cost of a home inspection, with SPS Inspections newly launched “Home Inspection Cost Calculator and Estimator!”

What Kinds of Protections or Guarantees Does SPS Inspections Offer it’s Clients?

SPS Inspections was founded on the foundation of community and the helping spirit. When we provide home inspection services, we do so because we love inspecting homes and with the intent to provide the most massive amount of value possible to our client and create win-win-win situations for everyone involved! If your still not convinced, check out SPS Inspections Home Inspection Guarantees Page.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

A “typical” comprehensive home inspection with SPS Inspections of Olympia takes an average of about three hours. Depending on the home being inspected, this number could be somewhat larger, but also smaller. Get an idea for just how Comprehensive our inspections are by looking over SPS Inspections’ Standards of Practice here, which identifies the bare minimum of what will be inspected by our home inspectors!

What Locations Does SPS Inspections Provide Home Inspection Services to?

SPS Inspections is located in Olympia, Washington, but we service an area with about a 50 mile radius around Olympia! Shelton, Longview, Centralia, Auburn, and Maple Valley are a few of the areas we provide home inspection services to. You can also check out our service area locations for home inspection services!

To wrap our first introduction up, I would like to close by saying that on top of this 20% discount for local law enforcement, this deal extends to firefighters as well! If you can prove to SPS at the time of the transaction you are currently employed as a local firefighter or volunteer firefighter, SPS Inspections will always extend this 20% discount offer to you as well! And lastly, 1% of all home inspection service fees will be donated by SPS Inspections to a different local charity every quarter. And so the more inspections we can get done, the more we get to give back to the community!

Thank you so much for spending precious time out of your day to get to know me, and my company, SPS Inspections, a premier provider of home inspection services in and around Olympia Washington. Please visit our service website at https://spsinspections.com, or to view the SPS Inspections blog, “No Homes Left Behind,” please visit https://spsinspections.com/sps-blog and make sure to leave a comment about the experience! Thanks again and make sure to have a wonderful rest of the day! Cheers!

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