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Dec 17

Aluminum Wiring in the Home Can be Dangerous.

By JDFerris | Electrical

Aluminum Wiring in the Home Can be Dangerous According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Homes wired with aluminum wiring and manufactured before 1972 are 55 times more likely to have one or more connections reach “Fire Hazard Conditions” than is a home wired with copper. Identifying wiring made of aluminum, you will find wires are the color of aluminum and are easily discernible from copper and other metals. Since the early 1970s, wiring-device binding terminals for use with aluminum wire have been marked CO/ALR, which stands for  “Copper/aluminum revised.” Aluminum wire may have the word “Aluminum,” or a specific brand name, such as “Kaiser Aluminum,” marked on the wire jacket. Options for Correcting Aluminum wiring should be evaluated by a qualified electrician who is experienced in evaluating and correcting these types of problems. The CPSC recommends the following two methods for correction of aluminum wire:  1. Rewire the home with copper wire. 2. The crimp connector repair consists of attaching a piece of copper wire to the existing aluminum wire branch circuit with a specially designed metal sleeve and powered crimping tool. For the full article, click here […]

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