top 5 home inspection tips

Top 5 Tips For Your Next Home Inspection

Top 5 Tips For Your Next Home Inspection

As a home inspector, we are not collectively out to “get you” or to make your life more difficult as either a home buyer or seller, real estate agent, insurance agent, mortgage agent, etc. We, as home inspectors aren’t out to “get” anyone. It is just not a part of the job description. The complete opposite, however, is exact; home inspectors are here to help you and your family better understand what sorts of issues are present in a home. Within the inspection report, we provide all of our clients with identifying information describing issues of concern which, down the road, may cost you more than you are willing to or can afford. Click the following link to download a copy of our Sample Inspection Report, which will provide you with a copy of what SPS Inspections reports look and are structured like. More importantly, a home inspector is going to help identify any issues which could affect not only the health but the safety of you and your family down the line.

1. Remove Clutter And Items Before The Inspection

In terms of the legal scope of home inspections in Washington State, we as home inspectors are NOT allowed to move or relocate items and debris out of the way of any system which needs to be inspected. This is why, before the inspector arrives at the property to be inspected, it is a brilliant play to make sure your inspector has unobstructed access to any and all systems requiring inspection. If you are unfamiliar with the systems inspected during a full residential single-family home inspection, you can find more information about the different systems inspected by checking out our “Services” section to see what is included in a comprehensive SPS home inspection.

2. Attend the Entire Home Inspection

Whether you are the buyer, seller, or the agent involved in a real estate transaction requiring a home inspection, it is essential that you do what you can to be there at the property with your home inspector. This is because when you are present during the inspection, it enables the inspector to inform you of specific findings at the time and be able to help you better understand what they mean and the significance or impact they may have on the future condition of the home. Also, going back to Tip #1 above, being at the property during the home inspection allows you as the owner to move any obstruction to enable your inspector a path to the item or area in need of inspecting. This can support your home inspector with the ability to produce and provide a more complete and accurate inspection report after the job is done.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Question

Top 5 Tips For Your Next Home Inspection -
Ask all the questions you can now while you have their attention.

You can’t know what you don’t know. It’s just impossible. And when it comes to the many different systems and components which comprise a home structure, chances are, you the client has very little knowledge of or understanding as to the structure and function and possible problems and defects which can occur in a home of any size. And that is 100% just fine. You are not expected to know these things as an everyday homeowner, it’s not necessary that you know, That’s what my job as a home inspector is. And I’ll tell you what; I’m pretty dang good at what I do. So while you are attending the inspection with your home inspector, make damn SURE you ask them whatever questions you need to. There are NO STUPID QUESTIONS where the health and safety of a home are considered, especially when that home will be what is protecting you and your family from the elements for years to come.

4. Give Your Home Inspector Some Space

Top 5 Tips For Your Next Home Inspection -
Prime example of what a home inspection should NOT look like. Don’t crowd out your inspector.

Removing clutter, attending the inspection, asking questions; these are all incredibly useful and valuable home inspection tips for consumers to know to help make your home inspection the best and most complete and accurate it can be, for everyone involved! One of the ways how this can be accomplished is by answering as much of the questions you have as the client and getting back to you about anything unknown at the time. But, to do this, it is vital that you, as the client, give your home inspector ample space to do their job. If you are continually crowding your inspector out to see better what is being inspected or which you are asking questions about. Please, ask questions, we love answering them, but if a client is continually crowding their inspector out, it makes it incredibly difficult for the home inspector to do their job to the best of their ability. And you WANT your inspector to be able to do their best inspecting work on the home you wish to purchase or sell.

5. Be Courteous

That’s it. This right here, ladies and gentleman, is the golden formula for creating the circumstances and situation to get the best home inspection possible. Be Courteous. Every home inspector, or client, or agent is the same as you or I; we are all just people trying to move through this world. All with our own needs, our own wants, and situations. Perceptions and ideas change as often as the weather, but what doesn’t change is the fact that general courteousness has infinite possibilities for what it can do to create a favorable situation, or turn a negative around. I can’t necessarily speak for all home inspectors with this, as I am simply one of many, but as far as I am concerned as long as you continue treating your home inspector with courteousness, SPS Inspections of Olympia will always treat its clients the same in return with kindness, compassion, courteousness, empathy, and understanding, because honestly there are already too many misunderstandings that occur every day, and the client/agent/inspector relationship is no exception to the rule. It is essential to be actively courteous with one another to better accomplish each of our goals.

Top 5 Tips For Your Next Home Inspection -
Communication is key to any good deal or transaction.

This about wraps it up for the “top 5 tips to help your home inspection go smoothly.” If you go into your home inspection having removed clutter from areas in need of accessing by your home inspector, make sure you as the client attend the entire inspection, not being afraid to ask your inspector questions, giving your inspector ample space to move and work without crowding them out, and being courteous. If you employ these top 5 tips for your next home inspection, not only will you, but your inspector and agent as well will have a much easier time of things during and throughout the inspection process.

In closing, I would like to give you my gratitude for taking the time to visit and view SPS Inspections’ home inspection blog and original article database, “No Homes Left Behind,” written and curated by Jarrett Ferris, owner, marketer, designer, all-around jack-of-all-trades, and lead home inspector at SPS Inspections. To show my gratitude, I have made available to download free of charge, compliments of SPS Inspections: “Top Tips for Homebuyers.” If you enjoyed this article, please make sure to share it with your friends and followers on your preferred social media by clicking on the share icon for the platform you would like to share to, or check out some of the related posts below and have a wonderful rest of your day!

Bonus Tip!

Once everything is said and done, the dust has settled, and you’ve been given the “all clear” from your real estate agent, home inspector, mortgage/banking authority, whatever contractors you had used, etc., then it is almost time to begin enjoying your new home! And what goes good with a new home? New jewelry, accessories, clothing, bobbles, and trinkets, and knick-knacks galore! This isn’t necessarily mutually exclusive to new homes, any home can have lots of $$ worth of items within their homes.

No one wants to be the victim of theft or robbery or home invasions, but the truth of the matter is that these things do happen, and likely more often than is covered in the local news stories. To protect yourself and your valuable items, it would be prudent of you to at least do a little research into the best home security systems out on the market.

Thank you to all who made it all the way to the end! If you enjoyed this article or found value in it at all, we would love to hear about what you have to say in the comments below! Thanks again and have a wonderful day, from SPS Inspections.

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