3 Homebuyer Mistakes Quiz

By JDFerris

Sep 24

What face value did the $ have in the first photo on this page?

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You should typically try to find the lowest cost home inspection you can?

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Never choose home inspectors based on how inexpensive they are. Just as with many other industries, you typically get what you pay for...

True or False: Home inspections are expensive in relation to the total cost of the home?

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Whereas you will be paying your agent anywhere from 1 - 6% of the value of the home as a commission, the home inspection typically costs .05 - .6% of the home's value; one-tenth that of your agent, even as low as one-twentieth.

What is the term used in this article to refer to the concept of "owe less, worth more" in regards to homes?

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Equity Accumulation comes about as the loan on your home is continually paid down lower and lower, and the lower its gets, the more "equity" you have in the home.

What organization should you make sure your home inspector is a part of according to this article?

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InterNACHI, or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

How many mistakes does this article cover?

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3 Homebuyer Mistakes Quiz
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